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Clinic Schmidt-Staub is Hanover's medical centre for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. You are the focus of our attention and we help individuals to find their way back to themselves.

There are times when you can't find a solution to an ongoing issue and you feel like you're running around in circles.

We consider it our duty to find an individual solution for your complaints as quickly and thoroughly as possible and to treat them accordingly in a holistic manner. Our main goal is your long-lasting and successful recovery.

What leads you to us?

Mental illnesses are often the result of stress-related strains in the social, professional or private environment. In the following you will find our fields of treatment and a brief definition of the various conditions we treat.
In addition to a conventionally common medicinal therapy, we have specialised in treatments with modern technical procedures. If you are looking for equally effective alternatives to traditional drug therapy, we recommend our Schmidt-Staub Plus Service. Many private health insurance companies already cover the costs of our methods, whereas those with statutory health insurance often still have to bear the costs themselves.

A modern therapeutic method used to treat Alzheimer's dementia in Hannover.

By 2050, approximately 152 million people will be affected by Alzheimer's disease. Among other problems, Alzheimer's damages the nerve cell connections in the brain and thus prevents the transmission of messages between the neurons. This leads to memory loss and can later lead to impairment of essential bodily functions. Our TPS treatment can prevent Alzheimer's disease and help patients already affected by it.

More about the TPS-treatment
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Our Plus Service for innovative and effective healing methods. Many effective and drug-free treatment methods are not covered by health insurance companies, therefore in most cases the use of medication is resorted to.

Here, at clinic Schmidt-Staub, you are not a number! We focus on you as a person, your life situation and social environment, as well as your medical history. We use all proven scientific knowledge and resort to scientific healing methods.

In the process, you are completely free to decide which approach you feel most comfortable with and whether you would like to try one of our healing methods.


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We take care of your worries and problems. You can rely on our many years of experience and the use of the latest therapeutic methods and technologies.