Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (rPMS)

Im Rahmen der rPMIn rPMS therapy, the control nerves of the muscles are stimulated and activated by magnetic impulses to eliminate pain.S-Therapie werden die Steuerungsnerven der Muskulatur durch Magnetimpulse stimuliert und aktiviert, um Schmerzen zu beseitigen.
What is rPMS?

This form of therapy has its origins in neurology, where it is used as TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to stimulate certain areas of the brain. The peripheral approach of rPMS (repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation) also enables its use on the musculoskeletal system and thus in pain therapy. The functional principle of rPMS is based on stimulating the body's own control impulses and self-regulatory systems. Strong, rapidly pulsating magnetic fields are used with the principle of induction to stimulate nerve cells and muscle fibres. Unlike TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), rPMS does not require skin contact. The rPMS device generates pulses in frequencies similar to those used by the body itself for neuromuscular control and regulation (5-50 Hz). The generated impulses "induce" nerve signals to the CNS, which in turn triggers the activation of the corresponding muscle. With rPMS, changes are triggered in the brain indirectly via nerve pathways in addition to local effects occurring directly in the stimulated area.  This means that, in the end, an endogenous process takes place that is "triggered" by rPMS.

Advantages of rPMS treatment
As the pain therapy procedure is a non-contact procedure, no undressing is necessary. Additional products such as electrodes, gels or similar are not required. Due to the high strength of the built-up magnetic field, a high penetration depth is achieved. The impulses are immediately perceptible to the patient, which means that fine adjustment in terms of target point and intensity can be carried out quickly and easily.


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