We take time to listen to you and your concerns.

Our aim is to optimise your well-being in the long term and to promote your body's natural self-regulation.
For many years, in addition to the treatment of neurological, psychiatric and psychosomatic clinical pictures in accordance with guidelines, one focus of our work has been the treatment of therapy-resistant serious illnesses that have not responded or have not sufficiently responded to previous therapy approaches with pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and sociotherapy.

Today, we successfully work in the clinic according to the latest guidelines and, in addition to proven therapy options such as acupuncture and methods of orthomolecular medicine, with the most modern technical treatment options, which can result in treatment successes, sometimes very quickly and without significant side effects, even in those cases where previous therapy approaches have failed. Certainly, a multitude of factors and systemic influences have to be taken into account, as well as extensive and accurate basic diagnostics.

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Clinic Schmidt-Staub is Hannover's centre for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. We help people to find themselves again.
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We take care of your worries and problems. You can rely on our many years of experience and the use of the latest therapeutic methods and technologies.