Acupuncture (NADA)

The aim is to reduce symptoms and stabilise and strengthen weakened, stressed, vegetatively dysregulated patients.
What is acupuncture (NADA)?

Based on the successful treatment of people suffering from addiction in the USA, the therapist Dr. Michael Smith developed a new form of ear acupuncture. By applying the so-called NADA protocol, the body's self-healing powers are stimulated and imbalances are evened out.

This special form of acupuncture has also proven itself outside of addiction treatment. The NADA protocol is used internationally in the treatment of psychological stress and trauma. The treatment promises success with symptoms such as sleep disorders, irritability, inner restlessness or anxiety. By alleviating physical and mental pain, the therapy builds protection against relapse in addicts and a higher resistance to stress.

Besides rehabilitation and day clinics, the practising facilities also include clinics and renowned university hospitals such as the Charité in Berlin.

The focus during the sessions is on relaxation. Patients are prepared for the placement of the fine acupuncture needles by special breathing exercises. The fixation of the needles at precisely defined pressure points in the auricle can cause fleeting pain. However, most patients become accustomed to it after a short time and experience a profound relaxation of body and mind.

To further deepen the relaxing effect, the NADA treatment is usually extended with magnetic patches. After the session, the needles are carefully removed and disposed of. If necessary, the patches can be left in the ear until the next session.


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