The schizophrenic disorders are characterised by disturbances of thinking and perception as well as inadequate or flattened emotions. Clarity of consciousness and intellectual abilities are usually not compromised, although disorders of thinking and attention and concentration may develop over time due to continuous stress in the course of the illness.
The main psychopathological symptoms and complaints are:
  • audible thoughts
  • Thought insertion or thought withdrawal
  • Thought diffusion
  • disrupted thoughts
  • Delusional perception
  • Delusions of control and influence
  • Voices commenting or talking about the patient in the third person, i.e. auditory hallucinations
  • Persistent bizarre delusions, hallucinations
  • Inadequate affects - mood and emotional behaviour
  • Thought disorders and negative symptoms such as reduced motivation, withdrawing behaviour and other problems.

Disorders similar to schizophrenia can also occur in cases of epilepsy, other brain diseases or through the effects of drugs (psychotropic substances) and medication, which must be precisely identified as part of the diagnostic process.

Documenting the patient's medical history is an important component in the diagnosis of schizophrenia. In this regard, you should also answer the following questions:

  • Are mental health conditions common in your family?
  • Do you suffer from thoughts that get loud?
  • Are thoughts being fed to you from outside?
  • Do you hear voices? Do these voices comment on your actions?
  • Do you see things that other people cannot see?
  • Do you have any previous illnesses (mental illnesses)?
  • Have you undergone any operations so far?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • What medication are you taking?

A neurological examination, including examination of the reflexes and cranial nerves, as well as the extensive use of medical equipment to form the diagnosis, are the basis for successful schizophrenia therapy in our "Neuropsychiatry Psychotherapy Centre" in Hanover.


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