High-altitude air is the power workout for body cells
High-altitude air for increased performance!

Mountain climbers have long known about the positive effect of high-altitude air on health. Nowadays, low-oxygen mountain air is used specifically in everyday life with the help of the latest technologies to increase performance, help you lose weight or lower your blood pressure. According to a recent study, oxygen deprivation could even help strengthen heart patients and prevent diseases.

Train like the pros. Faster recovery, higher performance: with high-altitude air, sport is even more fun!

Use our altitude training to successfully regenerate or prepare for competitions in professional and recreational sports.

Through the controlled inhalation of reduced oxygen, new and more efficient mitochondria are formed.

IHHT training gets your 70 trillion cells going and gives you more energy even after a short period of time. Through the targeted use of high altitude air, the energy production in the cells is increased. You can already feel the effect after a few training sessions.

Sustainably improve your health through the targeted use of hypoxia training units.

  • aerobic endurance performance (important for classic endurance sports such as long-distance running or swimming) and
  • anaerobic endurance performance (important for sports like judo, boxing or 400m run).


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