Neurofeedback is a scientifically recognised method for measuring and permanently influencing brain activity. Highly sensitive measuring devices analyse brain waves in real time.
What is neurofeedback?

The computer-assisted evaluation of the data enables it to be used for targeted training of specific brain areas and overall brain activity. During the sessions, the brain waves are used by the connected computer to control optical, acoustic and tactile signals on a training screen via measuring electrodes attached to the scalp.  This constellation is painless and without time delay. If the respective brain function, e.g. the vegetative tension, changes, the image and sound signal on the training screen also changes immediately. If the brain activity goes in the desired direction (e.g. relaxation or concentration), the display on the screen becomes more pleasant (higher image sharpness, better sound, better volume, better image brightness, speed, better screen section). If the brain activity goes in an undesirable direction, this causes disturbances on the screen and in the sound. The brain experiences this as irritating and tries to achieve a better result through reflexive adjustment. The repeated adjustments of the brain's reaction and the associated sense of achievement promote learning processes through operant conditioning. This can also lead to synaptic re-linking and thus lasting results. Neurofeedback thus has many advantages over medication, for example, in that the therapy only has to be carried out over a manageable period of time until the therapy effects are automated.

Neurofeedback training therefore leads to a continuous learning process during the treatment period, which has a lasting effect on the ability to perform and concentrate and on the stability of various brain activities. The largely subconscious control of brain activity is steered in the desired direction through direct feedback.


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