TPS - Transcranial Pulse Stimulation

A modern therapy method for the treatment of Alzheimer's in Hannover.

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By 2050, approximately 152 million people will be affected by Alzheimer's disease. Among other things, Alzheimer's damages the nerve cell connections in the brain and thus prevents the transmission of messages between the cells. This leads to memory loss and later even to impairment of important bodily functions. TPS can prevent and help here. Transcranial pulse stimulation is safe and uncomplicated. The patient is seated relaxed in a treatment chair and can move freely at any time. With the help of your individual MRI image findings, we localise the brain area to be stimulated in order to improve brain function and well-being.

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A therapy session usually lasts about 30 minutes. In total, a TPS® treatment series comprises an average of 6 sessions, which take place within 2 weeks. The costs are not covered by statutory health insurance and must be borne by the patient. If necessary, private health insurance companies can be asked to cover the costs by submitting a cost application.
Key facts...
TPS works for mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease
Our goal is to promote or maintain the mental abilities of people with Alzheimer's disease
The sound pulses generated outside the body are directed specifically to the brain regions to be treated
It is an outpatient treatment
Safe and uncomplicated
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Early diagnosis and treatment

The primary goal is to train or maintain mental abilities, to alleviate behavioural disorders and to improve the general well-being of patients.


Sound pulses are generated in the therapy handpiece, which are then transmitted "transcranially" - i.e. through the skullcap - to the affected brain regions.

High-precision medicine in the brain

The area that needs to be activated is targeted precisely. These areas can be located differently in each patient. Thanks to an integrated navigation system, the treating neurologist can accurately follow the pulse on screen and exactly control everything.

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The TPS® treatment is "non-invasive", i.e. the pulses penetrate the skin and skull without damaging it. TPS is the first treatment in the world that makes it possible to reach all areas of the brain and to target and activate specific areas of the brain.
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